Summer Maker's Mash at Reformation Brewery (Wait List)
This Maker's Mash event is running 1st and 3rd Sundays May-August from 1-6 pm. This event will be indoors or outdoors depending on the weather at the new Reformation space in downtown Woodstock. Makers will be organized in curated groups of about 7. Please select all dates you are available. Your final date(s) will be confirmed with you.

The final deadline to apply is April 4th.

Booth space is about 6 wide and 4 deep. You will need to bring your own table and display. If your application is accepted, you have two booth fee options.

Please note that this is an event for makers, small businesses handmaking goods with heart and soul. The bulk of your product should be handmade and created by you. We are unable to accept MLM sellers.

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Booth Fee Options
The summer series is $45/event OR $35/event with an item donation. For the $35/event, the maker must donate one item of about $20 value for an Instagram/Facebook giveaway to generate publicity for the event. The maker will be given proper credit in all social posts. You only need to donate one item to get the special pricing for the Summer series. This means donate one item and it's $35/event no matter how many you do. Donated item is due to the Maker's Mash by April 18th.
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You probably knew this already but:
The Maker's Mash, Mad & Dusty, and Reformation Brewery are not responsible for personal injury or any items damaged or stolen during the duration of the event (including move-in, move-out, and the hours of the event). It is the responsibility of each vendor to transport their belongings and to not leave valuables unattended. I understand that if accepted, I will need to pay the booth fee of $35/date promptly.
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