your 22-year-old selfie
A letter from 1957 - handwritten by a 22-year-old woman to her unborn daughter - revealed a secret.

What would you say to your 22-year-old self?

"My daughter my girl... I wonder, and will do so when you are my age and when your daughter is my age. I’ll wonder ‘what if...’”

Engaged to one man, loved by another, the #letterproject explores the conflict between doing what is expected, and what is desired. The data I collect will be visualized anonymously and shared here
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How many people should you go out with before you decide on "the one"/get married?
What would you tell your 22-year-old self? about love? about life?
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What's the best advice you received from your parents about love and/or marriage?
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What would you tell your parents about yourself, your thoughts on life?
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Where are you from?
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with gratitude, sSs for the #letterproject
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