Budget General Membership Meeting Registration 會員大會註冊
A General Membership Meeting will be held on December 13, 2020, following worship service, as a Zoom meeting when we will have an affirmation vote to approve the budget for 2021.

Information about the budget for 2021 has been emailed to you. As required by the HCC Constitution, we need votes from more than 50% of active membership to meet the quorum.

If the quorum is not met on December 13 a second meeting will be called on December 20. If the second meeting does not meet quorum, a third meeting will be called on December 27 when it will be considered binding with or without a quorum.

Please register to participate in the meeting on December 13 by completing this form.

**PLEASE NOTE** -- Each person in your household who is a member of HCC and is 18 years or older should each complete a **separate form**. Each person who registers will receive the link to the Zoom meeting.
**請注意** -- 您家庭中的每一位年齡滿18歲的HCC會員均應填寫一份**獨立表格**。每一位註冊的人將收到Zoom會議的鏈接。

The deadline to complete this registration form is December 9, 2020.

Thank you for your time and may God continue to guide us!
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My fellowship group or small group name is (or indicate "none" if you do not attend one): 我的團契或小組是(如果您沒參加團契,請註明“none”) *
I will participate in the General Membership Meeting on December 13, 2020 following worship service, which will be held as a Zoom meeting, to submit my affirmation vote to approve the budget for 2021. 我將參加2020年12月13日主日崇拜後在zoom舉行的會員大會,投票印證2021年財務預算。 *
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