Time Poll: True Story Fall Classes
Thank you for letting us know when you would most likely to be available to take a Playback Theatre class. This series will be geared for mixed levels of experience. Classes will start in late September and go through early December. We need enough people available regularly to offer the classes, so please fill out this poll asap. We will then get you a link to sign-up once we know which classes are running. Also, invite friends you'd enjoy taking the class with to fill out this poll too!

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Saturdays 1-3pm
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How often would you attend?
If the days of the week chosen for classes generally work for your schedule, please let us know the likely frequency of your attendance.
Other schedule related comments
Include here any more details about your schedule that might be helpful for us in planning our class. (For example: "I'm available on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month this fall.")
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Other questions or comments
What else wold you like to know? Have a request for what classes cover? Other ideas?
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