Drama Club Officer Application 2022/2023 Updated
Please fill out this form in order to officially run for a Drama Club  Officer
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What is your year in school NEXT YEAR? *
Are you currently enrolled in a Theatre/Tech Theatre Class next year? *
What is your first choice of Office and Why? *
Would you be willing to accept another position if you didn't get your first choice? *
Please list in order the positions you would see yourself in from first to last:  President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, Historian, Stage Manager. *
Would you be willing to accept ANY role on presidency?  If yes, great, if NO, explain why. *
Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for your first choice in the Drama Presidency.  Please give a short answer. *
Name three fun activities that you have in mind for the Drama Club after school socials for next year. *
What would you do to make the Drama Club run smoother and better next year? *
What things did you enjoy about the theatre program/drama club that you found successful? *
Being in Drama Club Presidency takes a lot of time and dedication.  Please list any conflicts that you may have that would interfere with this position? (We will have meetings in the mornings once a week and you will be expected to do many other extra things that will take your time) *
On a scale from 1-10, 1 being lowest commitment level to being on presidency and 10 being highest commitment level to being on presidency, where do your rate yourself?  Please justify the number you give yourself. *
Give examples of things have you done in and for the program this year that have shown Mrs. Atkinson and Mr. Spaulding that you have served and dedicated your time toward being in a leadership position. *
Does your parent or guardian support you (time/money) in taking on a Drama Club Officer position? *
How do you handle anxiety, stress, panic, fear or sadness in a heathy way?  Do any of these symptoms  come up for you often?  Explain
Please give the e-mail of one of your parent or guardians so that we can contact them and make sure they support you in taking on this position. *
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