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Submit questions about or suggestions for the Music Toolkit. The Toolkit can be used to generate faceted data fields (046, 370, 382, 385, 386, 388, 655) in bibliographic records for notated and recorded music based on information already in the record. The Toolkit was developed by Gary Strawn with editorial oversight by the MLA Vocabularies Subcommittee. Background information is available at
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Have you compared your version date to the most recent update? The toolkit is updated often and it is possible that unexpected Toolkit behavior may have been addressed in a recent release. See:
Report of unexpected behavior of the Toolkit, or a question about specific faceted data fields generated. Please be as detailed as possible, and include an OCLC number if applicable so the programmer can replicate the behavior.
Suggestion for improvement or general question about the Toolkit (e.g., Why is this field/term not generated?)
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