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Thank you for your interest in Prosperity Bookkeeping LLC.  We know you are a busy business owner and have no time to spare, so the first step in our scheduling process is a little exploration to ensure we are a good fit for your organization.  Please thoughtfully complete the following questionnaire.  It will help us greatly in determining whether or not we can accommodate your needs.

We understand some of the questions may be difficult to answer.  Don't worry.  We've seen all sorts of bookkeeping scenarios.  By being honest, we can help you in solving your bookkeeping pain.  It is important for us to know all the facts so that we can properly understand your needs.  Give us the big, the bad and the ugly.  

We will be in touch with an invitation to schedule a consultation upon receipt of your bookkeeping story.
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What has you frustrated, worried or concerned about your bookkeeping process or financial reports?  In other words, what prompted you to contact us?
What do you see as a successful outcome to the pain you are experiencing?
We are a virtual bookkeeping firm, which means that we provide bookkeeping services from our office rather than from your office.  We do this using various forms of cloud-based technology and scanned documents and receipts; and, it works exceedingly well for our clients.  Is this an arrangement that will work for your organization? (If you need additional information before deciding, select maybe). *
If you answered "maybe" to the previous question, please explain your hesitation.
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Although we strive to keep all of our clients satisfied and happy, we understand that there may be circumstances that cause a relationship to breakdown.  Please tell us why you are looking for an alternative to your existing financial team? *
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Who is your current tax preparer? *
We do not offer tax preparation services in our firm.  Will you be keeping your existing relationship with your tax preparer; or, will you be looking for a replacement? *
If you have found a new tax preparer, who is it and when will the transition take place?
Are your books up to date at least through the end of the previous month? *
If your bookkeeping is not up to date, please explain why and how far you are behind.
Are you current with all tax filings (i.e. Payroll Remittances, Sales Tax, Corporate Tax, etc)? *
If your organization is behind on tax filings, please indicate why and how many periods are not filed/paid.
Which accounting software/app are you currently using? *
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If your accounting package does not meet your needs, please explain?
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How likely are you to be diligent about scanning invoices and receipts within one week of obtaining them?
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Bookkeeping touches many different areas of your business' finances.  Please select the areas you would like Prosperity Bookkeeping to assist with.  Unchecked answers should be areas you want to retain in-house or are not applicable at this time. (We can get more specific within each area later in the process) *
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Please provide any details on your timing.  For instance, an upcoming year-end, sales tax filing, etc.
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Whether or not we decide to do business together, we occasionally send out some useful tips and timely updates regarding business finances and bookkeeping.  Do we have your permission to add you to our mailing list?  We promise not to overwhelm you and we always keep it short and sweet.
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