Surrender & Re-Homing Request Form
Because of the volume of surrender requests we receive, no phone calls please.
Our Surrender Committee meets once every 2 weeks - it may take up to 15 days before you receive a response from us.
There is no fee for applying, however donations are always appreciated to help support surrendered and re-homed animals.
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By checking the below box, I understand that if I surrender an animal to Darby Acres Farm, I give up all rights to that animal. I understand that I am giving up forever all rights, title and interest to the surrendered animal and further understand that my surrendered animal may be re-homed and/or adopted /sold to another home and I will not be given written or verbal updates on any surrendered animals and that all future decisions regarding this animal will be made solely by Darby Acres Farm. *
By checking the below box, I declare that I am the person named above as the owner of the animal described above. I further declare that the information above is true and correct in every detail. I hereby certify that I am the owner of the animal described above. I also certify that I have unrestricted and complete authority to convey, surrender and relinquish the animal to Darby Acres Farm, and I hereby further certify that the animal has not bitten anyone in the last 15 days. *
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