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Have a new qualified lead and want to JV with us on your deals? It's as easy as completing this form and we will take it from there. We do not accept or participate in daisy chains. You have to be the one who locked in the sales contract personally. If you need more training on how to, please check out www.3PillarSystem.com
TELL US ABOUT THE SUBJECT PROPERTY & DEAL in 20 QUESTIONS - As you probably already know, we need some information about the subject property to determine if it's worth your AND our time. We need to know the condition of the property, what it's worth and how much you have it locked in for. Let's start with seller's email address to send contract to for docusigning.
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Is the property in pre-foreclosure or mortgage default? Is there a foreclosure sale date? Please complete the section below. ? Enter foreclosure date or "N/A" if not applicable.
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Why is the owner selling? How soon do they need to sell? What the condition of the property on a scale of 1-10. Give us a short summarized details below under motivation.
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