Goal and Problem specification
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Applicability of "Establishing Design Requirements"
To what degree is the “problem framing” process outlined in Vincenti's Establishing Design Requirements reading applicable outside airplane design? And how is the process different from the problem framing process (implicit or explicit) in the other readings?
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Uncertainty about future wants
James March (Technology of Foolishness) raises the issue of choosing ends when you don’t know what you will want in the future. What practical solutions do you see to this problem?
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Oblique Targets
What kinds of goals or targets are best pursued obliquely (as John Kay puts it) and which ones directly?
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Levels of Aggregation
The Bazerman and Bhidé readings raise the issue of the level of aggregation (or “subsidiarity”) in choosing ends i.e. which ones should be chosen by individuals, which by employers, and which by societies and governments. What criteria can you think of for choosing this level? And, what procedure would you suggest for making this choice?
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Other observations and reactions
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