Member Feedback: Standing Against Racism
Since the spring of 2020, scientific societies have begun to grapple with the impact that systemic racism has on our members, our science, and our communities. Collectively, we all share a responsibility to expose these hurtful elements of society, to acknowledge their pervasiveness, and to work against them, every day.
We are acutely aware that the membership and leadership of SSB is mostly white, and we will work harder to make SSB and our broader community more diverse and welcoming to scientists from all backgrounds. We encourage our members to engage in anti-racism and to get involved right now. There are many ways for white people to become better allies for all people of color, and some are collated here: Some essential reading and additional anti-racism resources can be found here: While we strongly recommend that our members, leaders, and colleagues engage in these and other materials, we want to emphasize that anti-racist work starts with personal reflection, in asking uncomfortable questions about ourselves and the world in which we are embedded. We must be more vocal in acknowledging white privilege and work actively to improve our response as a community of scholars.
We are going to do more with your feedback, and we are listening. We welcome collaboration from all across our community and want to hear from you. The SSB DEI committee has been diligent in their efforts to bring new initiatives to better support ALL scientists as we work to understand and protect the natural world. Please use this form to provide us with your ideas, thoughts, and concerns.

Your response will be anonymous unless you choose to share identifying information. If you are interested in developing and/or participating in activities to build a more inclusive community within SSB, please feel free to contact the SSB Executive Committee via email if you would prefer your response on this survey to be anonymous. You can find the contact information for the SSB Executive Committee here:
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Please share your ideas, thoughts, and concerns. The responses will be received by SSB's Executive Committee and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Your feedback will be used to prioritize new society initiatives to better support scientists whose identities have been historically marginalized in our field and create a more inclusive community for our members. *
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