Cambridge Dancers' Club Membership Registration
This year we are having to handle memberships and payments online. If you submit this form you are deemed to have "signed" it for the purposes of agreeing to follow our normal health & safety policy and additional precautions for remaining CoViD "safe", eg wearing facemasks. Each person must fill in their own form. You cannot "sign" for someone else. By law, we need more contact details than usual: name, email and phone number if you are attending anything in person. Note that you won't be able to receive club emails if you use hotmail or outlook because those providers now block all bulk mailings.See more club information on our website:

Whereas we normally like to encourage people to try lots of different dance styles, this term you will only be allowed to attend one teacher's in-person class to avoid mixing the various groups. That way if you become infected somewhere you only send one teacher and their entire class into quarantine while other classes can still continue. However, you may opt to sign up for additional online courses or stick solely to doing online courses. We will be running those via Zoom - so you don't even need to be in Cambridge but you will need to make sure you have enough safe space around you. You will also be able to see recordings of the taught portion of online sessions if the interactive timeslot doesn't work for you.

We are only allowed to fit very few people into a room for dancing, including the teachers. So places at in-person classes are at a premium and our class fees unfortunately need to be higher than usual. This will be £5 per person per short class and £8 per person per long class - with the option to pre-pay for the whole term at a slight discount. We're running 9 weeks of the in-person classes (no freshers fair week). Prepayment gets you all 9 for the price of 7, ie £35 or £56, and allows us the possibility of getting shut down twice in the term before we have to start refunding people.

Some classes will be danced solo - although couples are not excluded from attending. Other classes will be aimed at couples from the same household dancing together. Although singletons won't be excluded from those classes, they won't be permitted to partner random people as usual. So choose the class which best suits your circumstances.

Although we still have general overheads as a club, we're going to offer the usual student discount on our membership fee and keep that offer open all term for a change (since it may be much harder for students to find a suitable partner to join them early on).

If your application for club membership and class registration is successful, we will email you an invoice with bank payment details to use. Once this has been processed, you will then be on the relevant class list for attending in person and/or receiving the online Zoom details.
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