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Are you a coding enthusiast, who wants to develop further? Are you a professional coder who wants to help out beginners? or, are you a prefinal year student, willing to learn coding for placements? Or are you a person who wishes to learn data structures and algorithms to start competitive programming?

There's only one way to do that, practice Daily, and this platform is perfect for your purpose.

I am starting an initiative under CodeToExpress (https://www.linkedin.com/company/codetoexpress/) as a challenge to code daily, starting from complete beginner level.

For more information, visit our website: http://codetoexpress.tech/dailycodes/


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DISCLAIMER...Read this Code of Conduct VERY carefully
The purpose of this community is to learn and grow together and of course, *enjoy* coding 💯

We aim to create a useful community free from spam, hence this google form procedure is necessary, so please fill this 2 min form :)

Once you are in the group we request all new member to share their introduction, what they do and what do they expect from the community.
*You are free to share your experiences, resources etc. But please keep in mind the following 4 easy conduct guidelines*

1. RESPECT each other.
2. Do NOT sell anything and DONT spam.
3. Help others, follow a proper conduct, dont use slang, add VALUE. That will EARN you respect
4. Ask admin in case of any doubt

Please keep in mind that, you should not share any sort of pirated material/resource to the group. If found doing so, he/she will be removed from the community and we, CodeToExpress do not own any of that pirated content, so that person alone will be liable to the legal proceedures which may follow.

Read the full code of conduct here: https://github.com/CodeToExpress/Code-To-Express

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