PRE:MIND account setup
You are now about to start the onboarding process onto the PRE:MIND platform. You will need to complete the setup before we can continue the process. If you have any questions regarding the onboarding process, please read the document you have received from the PRE:MIND representative, or e-mail

To setup an account with PRE:MIND, we need some details about your organisation:
Administrator e-mail address *
This is the individual you nominate to have administrative rights on the PRE:MIND platform, and who can invite and delete other users.
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Administrator first- and last name *
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Your organisations IT-contact first- and last name *
For invoice/billing purposes
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Your organisations IT-contact e-mail
This individual will gain access to the documentation showcasing how to embed the PRE:MIND SDK into your official mobile application.
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Purchase order/number
Please state which purchase order/number the invoices should have. You can update this information at a later stage.
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Estimated amount of Beacons needed. *
Please remember that a Beacon typically has an in-door range of 30-50 meters. For optimal PRE:MIND coverage, plan for at least one beacon per entry/exit point for larger venues, or a single beacon for smaller venues.
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