ODC Scholarship
Oregon DACA Coalition (ODC) believes that no one should have to pay to remain in their own home. We believe that applying or renewing for DACA is an important preventative measure against detention and deportation. This is why ODC has created a unique opportunity to offer DACA application fee scholarships to DACA eligible individuals.
Applicant Critera
1. Must be applying for initial/renewal of DACA status
2. Must fully complete scholarship application including 4 essay questions
3. Preference will be given to Oregonians
4. Priority will be based on DACA expiration date
5. Scholarships will be awarded based on available funding.
Award Cycle: September-October Awards
In order to be considered for September scholarship award you must complete this application by August 31st.
In order to be considered for October scholarship award you must complete this application by September 30th.

*If you applied for the September Award Cycle you should hear a response by the first week of September. Applicants not selected for the September Award Cycle are welcome to reapply for the October Award Cycle
If you are selected to receive the scholarship you might be asked to do the following 1) attend at least one Oregon DACA Coalition meeting or event, 2) be featured in the Oregon DACA Coalition newsletter and/or website, 3) share parts of your scholarship application.

We will make every effort to maintain your information confidential and will not share your information with anyone without your consent. Upon being awarded we may ask you to share some information so we can promote this scholarship. If you have any concerns about this or would like to remain anonymous please let us know at any time.
By continuing with this application I understand I am disclosing personal information and I understand ODC Scholarship Committee will do everything possible to maintain my information confidential. *
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