Approaches to teaching and learning: Reflection tool
This survey will allow individual teachers, departments and schools to reflect on their approaches to teaching and learning. This is based on the IB's "Approaches to teaching and learning in the Diploma Programme: Reflection tool" - but for use in both MYP and DP Classrooms.
When taking this reflection survey, think about your most recent unit. Remember that this tool is for further reflection and discussion, you are not always aiming to hit 'in every class' (for example some things will happen at the start/end of a unit or task only) Imagine if you tried to do each of these things in every class - you'd have no time for anything else!
For MYP Teachers, this should be a useful tool to complete during or after an MYP Unit, with your teaching team (for example, all Grade 7 Design teachers, who are working on the same unit). This can help you evaluate if you are teaching new ATL skills effectively and explicitly, and might help you select new skills to bring in next time you teach the same unit.
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