Liberty Hospitality Feedback Survey
Was this your first time staying at a Liberty Hospitality property (Trade Winds, Cedar Crest, Country Inn)?
Which location did you stay at?
What was your room number?
What sort of trip was it?
What is your age group?
When did you check-in?
When did you check-out?
Overall how would you rate your stay?
How likely would you be to stay at this hotel if you were returning to the area?
Definitely Would Not
Definitely Would
Would you recommend family or friends to stay at this hotel?
How affordable was your stay at our hotel?
Not At All Affordable
Extremely Affordable
How clean was your room upon arrival?
Not At All Clean
Extremely Clean
How clean did the housekeeping staff keep your room throughout the duration of your stay?
Not At All Clean
Extremely Clean
How comfortable was your room?
How comfortable was your bed?
Not Uncomfortable
Very Comfortable
How would your rate the friendliness of our front desk?
Not At All Friendly
Extremely Friendly
How quickly did the hotel staff respond to your requests?
Not At All Quickly
Extremely Quickly
How satisfied were you with the speed of the wifi service at this hotel?
Very Dissatisfied
Is there anyone on the staff that did an exceptional job?
Did you have any issues?
If yes, what was the issue and was it quickly resolved?
We would appreciate any suggestions you might have as we continue to improve our hotel:
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