Workshop - TOMS Activism
Event Description: The mission of Brave Trails is to build the next generation of LGBTQ+ leaders. TOMS will co-host a workshop with LGBTQ+ youth across the country who are passionate activists and want to learn more about how to channel their passion into action in their local communities. If you’re interested in connecting with other LGBTQ+ folks and engaging in conversation around how to use your passion for good, whether that’s by working at a job where the impact is key or participating in your local community, join Brave Trails on Giving Tuesday to learn more! Come ready to share about your own journey and learn more about how to be an activist at all levels. No previous activism experience required!

Location: Zoom

12/1/20 at 4:00pm(pt)/7:00pm(et)

Hosted By: TOMS


Please complete this form to RSVP for this Brave Trails event. Participants will receive a zoom link sent via email on the day of our meet up. This event is open to youth 12-18!

We can't wait to share community with y'all soon!
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Virtual Community Agreements
These rules apply to both staff and participants. These rules will help us establish a loving & engaging environment during our online camp! If you have any questions, please reach out to a camp director.

1. Act as a kind and respectful leader toward others.
- We respect ALL people, no exceptions. At camp, we celebrate differences of religion, political views, race, ethnicity, gender, attraction, ability, appearance, etc. We always allow others to voice their truth without being shut down, even if we strongly disagree. As leaders, we always assume the best intent and strive to embrace each other's differences.

2. Consent!
- Do not put people on the spot or have them do things they did not give consent to do (share, dress a certain way, say something they’re uncomfortable with, etc.). All online camp programs and festivities are “opt-in” so campers have the full autonomy to decide what fun things they want to be involved in.

3. The Truddy System is always in effect! No exceptions.
- Truddy is like “buddy” but instead of two people, it’s three! Get it? Whenever you are on a zoom call, there should always be at least two people on the call with you. We will additionally ensure that all online programs have at least two staff members present.

4. Camper Relationship Code
- We understand that camper-to-camper relationships or crushes may happen. All we ask is that campers respect the “Camper Relationship Code.” While in online camp spaces, relationships/crushes must be kept camp appropriate. What that means is, campers may have an emotional relationship, but not let it distract from their time at camp. Remember that camp is about building community and focusing on growing as leaders.
- Never act or speak to another person with the intent of arousal. Any sexually charged language or activity may be grounds for immediate dismissal from the online camp programming. If anyone is speaking or acting with the intent of arousal (consensual or not), please report the behavior to a director immediately.

5. Camper Clique Code
- Camp is all about making new friends! We love friends! Sometimes making friends becomes a “clique” and cliques can sometimes become exclusionary or toxic. We are all for good, healthy friendships. We just want to make sure camp is always a safe and welcoming place for everyone!
- We take our “Clique Code” rule very seriously as being radically inclusive is one of the main goals of camp. Everyone is welcome at all times. This is what makes Brave Trails a supportive FAMILY! If you feel a camper is not respecting this rule, please reach out to a Director.

6. Respect ALL Pronouns and Identities
- If you don’t know, ask respectfully! Never assume a person's identity or pronouns.
- All campers and staff should have their name and pronoun as their Zoom name.
- You are safe to explore your identity here! Respect when pronouns, names, and identities change. Never out anyone, instead, let people self disclose their identity if they feel comfortable doing so.

7. Respect that camp is a learning space
- We are not here to shame or scold people for not knowing terms, pronouns, concepts, etc. If you don’t know - ask! If you do know, teach with kindness. We do not allow militant behavior or “activist bullying” at camp.

8. Challenge by Choice
- Challenge is how we grow. Throughout our online camp, we will have a variety of activities and programs campers can “opt-in” to. We expect our campers to push themselves out of their comfort zones and try new, sometimes scary things at camp. However, campers always have the right to say “no”.

9. Do not tell stories that glorify alcohol, drugs, sex, illegal activity, or violence. Be aware of and respect age and maturity differences around you.

10. Vegas Rule. What’s said here, stays here. Respect confidentiality.
- Campers and staff should feel safe to share their thoughts and ideas openly in online settings. Please keep all information shared during these calls between y’all. Ask for folks consent before sharing their experiences and stories with others.
- All staff at Camp Brave Trails are mandated reporters. This means that if you disclose or a staff witnesses signs of abuse, neglect, hurting yourself or others, we must, legally, report it to the authorities.

If you have any questions about these community agreements, please reach out to
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