2018-2019 OLM Band Registration Information
Please note this correction to the OLM Band Brochure: the band fee will not be added to your tuition via FACTS, it will be added to your FACTS incidental account if you choose that option.

To register more than one student, please reload this page after each submission.

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OLM has a limited inventory of instruments that beginning students may use free of charge (subject to availability). If you choose the free OLM instrument option below, please provide a 1st and 2nd choice in the next section. After all students are registered, we'll notify you of the instrument that we may be able to offer your student.
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Keyboard and Fretted Instruments (students must have 2 years of private instruction)
We welcome students that play these instruments to join an ensemble. However, these students must have had at least 2 years of private instruction and be able to read music, as we not not provide Instruction for these instruments, only guidance.
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Please Note
When the band program begins, students will be given a signature card for parents to sign, allowing students to participate in the program, and authorizing OLM to add the band fee to your FACT incidental account if that is your preference. Also, please note that you are responsible for the entire $250 whether or not your child continues in band for the full year.
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