SDAND Speaker/Spokesperson bureau application
You must be a registered dietitian nutritionist and a member of the South Dakota Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics for at least the past two years to be considered for the Speaker/Spokesperson Bureau. You can submit up to 4 speaking proposals.

For spokesperson application, please click on the correct button and indicate specialty areas.

Both applicants need to submit application and references.

Incomplete applications will be discarded, so please complete application questions completely as necessary. You do not have to list more than one topic proposal, however.

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Name/credentials *
How long have you been a member of SDAND? Please include member number and/or maiden name if necessary. *
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Please list speaking experience if applying for speaker bureau. Please list media experience if applying for spokesperson bureau *
List one topic proposal & 3 learner objectives for speaker bureau. (Write N/A if applying for Spokesperson list) *
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List third topic proposal & 3 learner objectives (optional).
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If applying for spokesperson bureau, in what specialty areas should you be listed as an expert for comment? Please list exactly how you want to appear on website. (Write N/A if only applying for Speaker Bureau) *
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Upload reference letter (you may write a letter of reference for yourself if needed) *
If added to the speaker bureau, you will be required to acknowledge that you are speaking as a representative of SDAND and include a provided slide in your presentation about how to refer or see a RDN. If added to the Spokesperson bureau, you will be required to state you are a spokesperson for SDAND. *
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