Flamingo Flocking Form
The flamingos are so DONE with being quarantined, and they're looking for new places to roost! Upon their return, the funds raised through these flockings will provide support the FUMC Youth Group!

For just $1.00 per bird, you can help us out, AND have a whole lot of fun flocking a friend! You can fill this form out online or in person at the church. Thank you for your support!
Your Name (person requesting the flocking): *
Your Phone Number *
Name of victim, eh, friend to be flocked: *
Physical address where flamingos will be flocking to: *
How big would you like this flock to be? *
**Payment Required**
Flocks cannot migrate until funds have been received. Payment can be made out to First United Methodist Church and mailed or brought in person to 801 E. Main St, Rockport, TX 78382. Please include a note that says "Youth Group - Flamingo Flocking" so we know exactly what it's for! Thank you for supporting the FUMC Youth Group!
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