Exclusive Book Launch-Team Application
I've got a marketing and promotion plan in place for the launch of TRUTHSEEKER, my memoir. I am so excited to share this book with the world!

Part of the action plan is building a strong launch team that is *fully-committed* to helping out during launch (ie, sharing updates on social media, leaving Amazon reviews on a specified date, and sharing via your blog/newsletters, if applicable) - in exchange for (1) a FREE - EARLY ACCESS - COPY of the book in PDF format, (2) a look behind the scenes in our private Facebook group along with a new community/connections (3) recognition of your support at our launch party (4) a FREE - COPY of the book when it is out.

We want to be sure you're 100% committed. That's where this form comes in. We're going to carefully review all submissions and if you've made the cut you'll receive an email invite.

Please fill out the following for consideration for being on our book launch team. Space is limited to 200. You will be contacted within 48 hours of receiving this completed form.

With gratitude,
Heather and the TruthSeeker Book Launch Team
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