Fur-Eh! 2017 Volunteer Sign Up Form
Thanks very much for your interest in volunteering at Fur-Eh! 2017. It's because of you that we can provide a great event for all of our attendees!

We will be offering volunteers perks for their time including a free buffet lunch (at 8 hours worked) and even free basic registration* (at 12 hours worked)!

Remember, all volunteers must still register & pay to attend Fur-Eh! in order to volunteer for Fur-Eh!

(Please note: All volunteers will be required to attend a brief "orientation session" prior to starting their first volunteer shift. This should only take about 15 minutes and will help you be prepared as a volunteer and representative of the con!)

*The Free Basic Registration will be a refund of $40 CAD (if you registered before January 1, 2017) or $45 CAD (if you registered on or after January 1, 2017) issued via paypal after the convention once it has been verified that you contributed 12 or more hours in volunteer time.

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