2020 Leadership Application
2020 Leadership applications are now being accepted by the NCCBOR Nominating Committee!

Leadership Opportunities:
NCCBOR President-Elect : 1 Year Term
NCCBOR Vice President : 1 Year Term
NCCBOR Treasurer : 1 Year Term
(3) NCCBOR Director : 3 Year Term

Please read the qualifications for NCCBOR Leaders prior to applying here: https://www.nccbor.com/images/website_pdfs/ammeded10132016.pdf
Pages 20 - 22

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If applying for President-Elect or Vice President, please list the committees or Board of Directors positions served on for the New Castle County Board of REALTORS.
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What NCCBOR activities, functions, or events have you attended in the past? *
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In your opinion, what is the most critical issue currently facing the New Castle County Board of REALTORS®? *
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In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge the real estate industry is facing?
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What is the most valuable asset you would bring to the Board of Directors if you were selected as a leader for NCCBOR? *
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For Self Nominated candidates, if you were not nominated for a position, would you be willing to serve on a committee?
If you answered yes to the previous question, which committee(s) would interest you?
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