2020 Recital Agreement
This form must be submitted for all students participating in the 2020 recital.
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Costume fee is $60 for first class. Fee is $35 for each additional class. A $5/week late fee will be assessed on all overdue payments. I will pay for recital costume by: *
Combo classes count as a single class. To confirm the amount for your dancers, check your portal account.
Recital Tech Rehearsal Agreement *
Tech rehearsal schedule is still being developed. By agreeing here, you are indicating that you will, to the best of your ability, have your dancers at their tech rehearsals. Most rehearsals will be at similar times to regular class. If there is an unavoidable conflict when the schedule is released, you agree to initiate contact with the studio office to discuss options.
Recital Dress Rehearsal Agreement *
Dress rehearsals are at 5:00 pm (for the morning recital) & 7:00 pm (for the afternoon recital). Please refer to the Recital Parent Packet to see which recital(s) your child is assigned to.
Recital Agreement *
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Please type your initials below, indicating that you have read all of the recital requirements above, and you agree to meet these requirements.
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