HTC F20 Cast FAQ Contract Form
Students interested in auditioning should complete this form as part of the application process for joining the Hannon Theatre Cast for Loyola's virtual production of "The Government Inspector"

PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS FAQ HAS BEEN UPDATED TO REFLECT THE VIRTUAL REHEARSAL AND PERFORMANCE PROCESS. However, the traditional manner of doing things was left in for your future knowledge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to direct your emails to Jack Leon (Stage Manager) at or Mr. Walter Wolfe at
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The FAQ Format
The Hannon Theatre FAQ pages were designed to be an easily accessible and clear reference for the procedures carried out in Loyola’s theatre program. All student cast members must read this form and answer the questions along the way.

Parents must either attend the Mandatory Parent Meeting on September 5 or complete the Fall 2019 Veteran Parent Orientation Presentation.
What are the core belief systems that guide the Hannon Theatre Company?
The Hannon Theatre Company espouses the "repertory ensemble philosophy" as one of their core beliefs.

You may find this school of thought to be different than those adopted by other young performers' programs. The central tenet is that every single cast and crew member is on an equal footing as any other company member.

No special treatment is given to those performers who have been in the program longer than others. No special treatment is given to those who are entrusted with principal roles in any given production.

Every ensemble member is as important as a principal player. Being in the ensemble does not mean your status as a worthy performer is any different than those whom the company needs to play a more involved character.

While actors playing principal characters may be called to attend rehearsal more often than some ensemble members, every cast member is held to an equal level of commitment and every cast member is a valued contributor to the creative process.

The primary objective for any production's audition adjudicating panel is to serve the literature by filling all roles with the best people for successfully telling the story.

No preference is given to seniority. No preference is given to those who have had principal roles in past productions. The role which has been entrusted to a performer is not a reflection of one's degree of talent.

Our Mission Statement

On its expansive stage, the Hannon Theatre Company welcomes young artists from all over Los Angeles to collaborate on productions renowned for their professionalism and innovation. In its seats, audience members witness creativity they rank with the best theatre companies in Southern California. But first and foremost, in its rehearsal halls and technical shops, our members grow personally, academically, and spiritually due to a shared sense of mission. Our students and teachers commit themselves to working together, bringing theatre to life which resonates with meaning and purpose.

Our Equity and Inclusion Statement

Whereas HTC’s philosophies have been published for years in our in-house handbook given to prospective members and their parents, we are moved to share it on our website’s landing page for full transparency. We do so in an effort to keep us accountable and to provide inspiration through proclaiming our commitment to grow stronger and do better.

The Hannon Theatre Company believes whole-heartedly in a fully-inclusive casting and membership policy. HTC’s producers, directors, and casting committee cast productions in such a manner that a performer's racial or ethnic background does not limit the roles they can be assigned nor do such matters diminish the learning opportunities available to them. We espouse a color-conscious policy in which we recognize the beautiful complexity and intersectionality of student identities. In our selected literature, we choose to celebrate diversity without making any member’s personal identifiers a plot point in our stories. Our paramount objective is to honor every student’s cultural, racial, and gender identity through work which celebrates God’s unconditional love and creative spirit.

Likewise, young women from any secondary institution in Southern California are welcome to join us to both perform on stage and work behind the scenes as valued members of the Loyola High School community and its Student Life component. Although our male membership will consist exclusively of young men from our student body, our artistic process and outcomes will be aligned to fully support feminist ideals . We vow to champion the respect and empowerment of our sisters in Christ.

As a program sponsored by a Jesuit Roman Catholic institution, part of the fully-inclusive membership policy for the Hannon Theatre Company is grounded in practice of non-discrimination for those of different religious beliefs and traditions. While a central goal of the company is to encourage self-discovery through the lens of Ignatian spirituality in all of its members, and the means for achieving that objective often take the forms of prayers and spiritual rituals, every student regardless of denomination or belief system is welcome to become a member without fear of proselytization or disapproval.

As we reflect on the history of the Hannon Theatre Company, we have come to grips with certain decisions which fell short of our ideals. Although our intentions were never to make anyone feel excluded, we are aware that some casting decisions had an inverse impact on previous members of our community. We fully own the mistakes we have made which have minimized the experience of our Black and Indigenous students and all People of Color in our body of work. We vow to be vigilant in recognizing where there are obstacles for full equity and inclusion in a historically white-dominated art form and to diligently eradicate them within our theatre. And for the world at large, we seek to be a model theatre program which celebrates true diversity in the artistic experience.

In the coming months, we are committed to devising a rigorous Equity, Diversity, and inclusion Plan which will serve as our call to action with meaningful accountability. We will publish the measurable steps we will take to strengthen our anti-racist, feminist, and spiritual ideals. Some of the proposals to be put forth to our administration include establishing an alumni advisory board, restructuring student theatre council positions and protocols, developing an alumni and community mentoring outreach program to level disparities in access, changing casting panel membership with a focus on diversity, creating new approaches to audition camp with regard to transparency, recruiting to increase BIPOC representation, and devising a meaningful retreat program centered on issues of inclusion. Our success will be not only data-driven but also holistically student-centered as we diligently work together to develop a safe environment where every student is welcomed and honored and every audience member is entertained and enlightened.

· Drafted by HTC directors in consultation with LHS Office of Equity and Inclusion
STUDENT: Do you understand the "repertory ensemble philosophy" and the "all-inclusive casting policy" espoused by the Hannon Theatre Company? *
Are there any restrictions on who may become a member of Hannon Theatre Company?

Yes. Young men in the company must be enrolled at Loyola High School and in good academic standing to be eligible. Young men who are on academic probation will not be cast, as becoming academically ineligible may occur days before Opening Night if a student on probation is cast.

Young ladies need to be between the ages of 14 and 18, and enrolled in school. In the past, young women have come from as many as 14 different schools in the greater Los Angeles area, however, a young woman from any school may audition for and become a member of the Hannon Theatre Company. As the only co-ed activity on campus, Hannon Theatre is privileged to be able to offer the opportunity for talented females to participate in our program. HTC's most recent young ladies hail from The Marlborough School, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, Immaculate Heart High School, Marymount High School, Los Angeles County Enriched Studies, Bishop Conaty/Our Lady of Loretto, Hollywood High, The Archer School, and many others. However, we do accept students who attend LAUSD schools as well as licensed home schools.

There should be no artificial restriction made on academic eligibility for a production based on grades. Every parent is encouraged to consult with their student to decide whether being committed to a production will serve his/her academic studies BEFORE auditioning. After a student is cast, he/she has made a commitment to be a member of the company until the production at hand is completely over. Pulling a student from a production because of poor grades is unacceptable.
STUDENT: Are you now aware of the eligibility requirements in becoming a member of the Hannon Theatre Company? *
What is the policy regarding the scheduling of rehearsal conflicts due to prior commitments?
All auditionees are asked to diligently complete a rehearsal conflict sheet prior to their audition. It is available as an online form from the Audition Information webpage.

If a student is cast, any conflicts listed on that conflict sheet for the production period will be deemed excused absences. Conflicts that arise after a conflict sheet has been submitted will be deemed unacceptable and may result in the directors reconsidering one's role in the production.
STUDENT: Are you now aware of the conflicts policy and what it means to be out of compliance? *
What is the communication hierarchy for the Hannon Theatre Company? When I have a problem, whom should I contact?
As Hannon Theatre is a college preparatory program, we adhere to the classic flow chart used in most theatre companies at the college setting.

For most issues theatre-related, your initial contact should be the Stage Manager. If the Stage Manager is unavailable or the issue is inappropriate to discuss with him, the Theatre Council is the next contact point. Finally if the issue supersedes the former contacts, the director should be contacted. But with all that said, you are welcome to come speak to the director at any time regarding an issue that cannot be categorized as being "theatre-related."

Who is the Director?

The Director of Hannon Theatre is responsible for transforming an artistic vision into a physical production for the public. This vital role requires much time and energy, and the director should be appreciated as having such a role. Contact the director with any emergency conflicts that arise or questions regarding the performance you are unable to figure out on your own.

Who is the Stage Manager?

The Stage Manager is responsible for the operation of rehearsals and performances. Contact the Stage Manager if you are running late to rehearsal, are unsure about rehearsal location or time, have a question about props, costumes, other technical details, have an issue with a fellow company members (see also, Theatre Council), or have a question about the schedule. The Stage Manager is the first contact in the communication hierarchy for most things theatre-related.

What is the Theatre Council?

The Theatre Council is a group of company members that are responsible for leading the company in internal issues such as, but not limited to, the planning of the company party. The Theatre Council is elected by the students in the first weeks of production and includes the following roles: the Spiritual Coordinator, the Warm-up Coordinator(s), the Senior, the Female, the Newbie, and the Veteran.

STUDENTS: Do you understand how a classic theatre company's flow chart works? *
What do I do if I am sick or a family emergency arises and I, unexpectedly, can't attend rehearsal?
When an urgent issue arises that will prevent you from attending a rehearsal, the optimum scenario involves having a parent email the director before 10:00 a.m. on the day of the missed rehearsal. Giving the directors as much time as possible to rework what they have planned is only common courtesy. Of course, if one gets sick after 10:00 in the morning, a parent should email Mr. Wolfe as soon as possible.

What constitutes a family emergency?

Unfortunately, sad occurrences will arise. Common sense tells us that students may be too grief-stricken to attend rehearsal if a close relative or friend has passed away or is in the critical condition in the hospital. Of course, one's parents must weigh what is best for the student and for one's family. Thus, the directors ask that although it is difficult, transparent communication with the directors is necessary to avoid inconveniencing the rest of the cast.

What do I do if I am running late to rehearsal?

Arriving early is on time, arriving on time is late, and arriving late is unacceptable. If a young woman is caught in traffic or a Loyola student is delayed by a teacher, etc., alerting the Stage Manager via text message or phone call is required. If in the car, students should know to pull over to make such a text or call.

Whom should I contact in an emergency situation?

A parent should email Mr. Wolfe at (preferred) or leave him a voicemail at (213) 381-5121 x 3076. It is imperative the parent is the one informing Mr. Wolfe of an absence as he must be aware that parents are aware of a cast member's whereabouts. At our first rehearsal, Mr. Wolfe will also give out his personal cell phone number so that you and your parents may call or text in an emergency.
STUDENTS: Do you understand what should be done for unexpected absences or for problems with getting to rehearsal? *
What kind of behavior is expected of me at rehearsal? How can I do to be well-prepared for rehearsal?
What do I wear to rehearsal?

For our virtual environment: Because you will be at home Zooming into rehearsal, please be cognizant that your loungewear at home may not be conducive to a maintaining an alert, disciplined demeanor. Please dress accordingly.

When we get back to having rehearsals in person:

1. Actors are required to wear clothing that will allow free movement and that is appropriate for a rehearsal on a high school campus.
2. Male actors are required to wear a pair of hard-soled shoes. Moving and dancing in sneakers is different than moving in hard-soled, stage shoes and will not allow one to rehearse effectively. Just as one wouldn't go to baseball practice without the proper athletic footwear, one shouldn't come to rehearsal without the appropriate rehearsal footwear.
3. Female actors are required to wear appropriate dance shoes -- either character shoes or ballet slippers, depending on the character and in consultation with the costume designer and/or the director.

What do I bring to rehearsal?

1. Actors are required to have their scripts, their music, and a pencil at all times.
2. Actors should have their own water to drink, or a reusable bottle that can be filled up from the local water fountain.
3. Actors should bring nutritious snacks for break time.
4. Actors should also have immediate access to their study materials for down times.

What is the policy for talking/texting during rehearsals?

Don’t do it. When the director or other faculty member is in thought, it is not permission to chat or text. When discussing pertinent information at appropriate times during rehearsal, whisper. If you need to use the restroom or be excused, simply alert the Stage Manager as to where you will be before leaving the rehearsal space.

What happens if I have a performance-related question during a rehearsal?

Try and come up with an answer yourself. Hannon Theatre staff encourages creative thinking. Try something out and if someone doesn’t fit in with the artistic vision, we will try something else! Avoid asking extraneous questions of the director during rehearsals.

How should Loyola High School Hannon Theatre Company equipment and facilities be cared for?

Always treat all equipment with respect. Desks, chairs, properties (props), costumes, set pieces, technical equipment, printed materials, and anything else handled by the company should be cared for and returned to its proper place.

May I watch rehearsal when I am not in the scene?

Learning from watching others rehearse is encouraged. However, one's presence in the rehearsal room cannot cause distractions. Talking is not allowed. When we transfer rehearsals to the theatre, sitting in the house (the audience seating area in a theatre) is only permitted if absolute silence is maintained, and is contingent on the rehearsal objectives.

STUDENTS: Do you understand what it means to be fully prepared and equipped for rehearsal? *
Apart from attending rehearsals, what else is required of me for full participation in the production?
During the pandemic, we are going to be reinventing the wheel. We don't know what else may be required of you specifically. We are figuring it out as we go along. We ask you to be open to helping us create the show in any way you can and to be patient with the process.

All of the following are for in-person, traditional theatrical rehearsals and technical days.

Apart from attending every rehearsal required, students will need to be able to schedule costume fittings during the times in which the costumer is available. Students must also be able to attend the days of "Strike" that follow closing night. And of course, company members must be available during tech week and open to come to rehearsal before and beyond the scheduled time if necessary.

What and when are costume fittings?

Costume fittings are sessions with the costume designer in which measurements are taken, costumes are fitted, adjustments are made, etc. The fittings are can vary in time blocks but are usually 20-30 minutes long. Held during rehearsals and on the weekends before tech week, time allotments are made via lottery except in cases where the costume designer or cast member arranges with the Stage Manager before time.

Those students with transportation needs will get priority to attend with a cast member with whom he can car pool.

What are technical rehearsals?

The technical rehearsals are the only period in which the technical staff has to learn and perfect their roles for performances. By their nature, technical rehearsals are tedious for cast members. “Hurry up and wait” is a common theme of technical rehearsals for the cast. Students are required to be patient and come prepared to keep yourself occupied when not on stage.

What are the required materials for technical rehearsals?

Actors are required to bring in personal costume items (black socks, hard-soled shoes, etc.), dinner and snack items (to be kept in the dressing rooms), bottled water, make-up and make-up remover (baby shampoo is recommended), a towel, and materials to keep occupied with (i.e. schoolwork).

When should I be wearing my stage make-up?

Never appear in costume or make-up before or be seen by persons other than members of the company except during performance on stage.

How should costumes be handled during dress rehearsals?

When not onstage, costumes should be handled with special care. Costumes should never leave the theatre and a robe should be worn over and completely cover the costume during eating or drinking periods. No smoking – period. Costumes or costume pieces left on the floor or not returned to their proper place each night are collected nightly and may be returned to their owners for a $1 fee.

What is strike?

Strike is the post-production activity of returning and sorting costumes, dismantling the set, and any other activity related to preparing the theatre for the next production. Strike usually is held on the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday following the last performance from 2:30-6pm and is mandatory for all company members.
STUDENTS: Do you understand the other time commitments and special needs of being in a show with HTC? *
What is the level of commitment expected of Hannon Theatre Company members?
The commitment in time alone makes being a cast member one of the most intense activities one can do outside of school. We do not put on high school-level shows in Hannon; the theatre company fully adheres to the college preparatory mission of Loyola High School. If you are concerned about the time commitment, carefully review the calendar.

Students are expected to be present and attentive at every rehearsal that is required of them. Most everyone in the cast will be scheduled to attend at least three rehearsals each week, and some may attend all four. The needs of any one piece of dramatic or musical literature is unlike any other, and so there is no definitive answer about how often students will be called to rehearsal.

When one becomes a company member, he/she is agreeing to meet the physical, emotional, and intellectual demands of being fully invested in the success of the production. Hours will get long a week or so before opening night. A conscientious company member does not complain and uses any down time from being on stage for productive purposes.

STUDENTS: Do you understand the intensity of purpose required by the Hannon Theatre Company? *
What are the policies regarding dismissal times and pick-up/carpool arrangements?
The Stage Manager is responsible for ensuring the director releases cast members at the scheduled dismissal time for every rehearsal. As a result, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that cast members are picked up at the dismissal time.

If a parent is running late, he/she should either let his/her son/daughter know so he/she can alert the Stage Manager, or the parent can alert the Stage Manager directly. Texting the director is also acceptable. This way the appropriate accommodations with the Loyola High School security staff can be made.
Are my parents allowed to observe a rehearsal?
No. Hannon Theatre holds closed rehearsals. Allowing visitors to observe rehearsals would be a liability issue as well as reveal performance secrets that are key to ensuring the audience gets the full experience being created for the show. Visitors are not permitted to enter the rehearsal space, whether it be in the Berendo Music Building or Hannon Theatre.
What are the photography and video recording policies?
Photography and videography of any kind during a performance is strictly prohibited. Loyola High School enters into contracts for its performances and may be sued if any photography or video is recorded. Each cast member is given access to the online folder of production stills taken by a professional photographer (covered in the cast fee). Relatives or friends who do take pictures during the performance will be removed from the theatre and will be asked not to return.
What are the monetary considerations for those cast in the show?
For this virtual production:The cast fee is being waived in favor of each cast member acquiring personal equipment (hardware and costumes) and technical upgrades to their wifi and broadband.

What is the cast fee? What expenses does it cover?

The cast fee is a check for $150 that must be paid before the deadline of October 1, 2019. The fee pays for three things: A company tee shirt, access to the online folder of professional photographs, and all of the meals during our Company Dinner evenings. It must be turned in by October 1, 2019 when it will be turned in to Loyola's Finance Offices.The cast fee is non-refundable should one quit the HTC Cast or if one is asked to leave the HTC Cast. The check should be made out to Loyola High School.

What is the "BYOD" policy?

The "Bring Your Own Dinner" policy is the Hannon Theatre policy regarding bringing food for your son/daughter after rehearsals have begun. For liability reasons, students are required to bring their own "brown bag dinners." After rehearsals have moved into the theatre space from the Berendo Music Building, a microwave oven is available for cast members to utilize.

What other materials will I need to purchase in order to participate fully in the production?

1. Cast members will be responsible for procuring their own theatrical makeup kit. A "Ben Nye" Creme Makeup student kit is available from many online vendors for about $20.00. Each student kit should last a performer at least one production period. There are better values for larger kits that will last longer, but they are not required. We use Ben Nye Creme Makeup exclusively. Street makeup is not the same.

2. Cast members are required to provide basic footwear for both rehearsal and performance. Any specialty footwear a student would like to keep after a performance can be purchased. However, specialty footwear will be paid for out of our costume budget and will go into costume storage after the production. No one will ever be asked to pay for something that is specific to only one person.

3. Cast members will need to supply their own toiletries for the dressing room during tech week and performances.
What other expectations are there of cast members outside of the rehearsal hall and theatre?
Can I host a company party during tech week or the performance weeks?

No. Students are not allowed to host parties for the entire or partial company at your home or at any other location.

Parents are urged to prohibit any student from planning, hosting, or attending any party which takes place after technical rehearsals or performances.

The reasoning for such a restriction is as follows: High school students are developmentally unable to assess their own level of fatigue. Because they are on an adrenaline high after a performance, they often mistake that temporary euphoria for the ability to function at their maximum potential, when in fact they are operating with depleted energy and concentration skills. Rest should be encouraged vehemently to ensure their safety and to allow for them to recuperate for the next performance.

A company gathering at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles after the first Friday night performance is optional. A single company party is held in the theatre after the final performance and season closing ceremonies and is organized by the student Theatre Company.

Statement of Agreement
We agree to abide by the conditions set forth in the Hannon Theatre Company's FAQ pages. We realize that failure to adhere to these stipulations may result in one’s dismissal from the company. 

Furthermore, I understand that I will need to refresh my memory of these sections as the rehearsal process proceeds. 

In addition, leaders of the theatre company in consultation with the entire membership may be revising and augmenting the FAQ pages to address the specific needs and concerns of this production and the entire company. I agree to abide by any new rules, regulations, and consequences decided upon through this democratic process.
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