【GKO Kigurumi Studio】GPZ-03-3mm Special Order:“Tumbler-Type” and “Mummy-Type”
Measuring Unit:cm, kg
Ordering Parts
3mm super thick do not support the cleavage line.
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Back zip *
All the tights are using "Double zipper" in the back。The "Tumbler-Type" is more difficult to wear with the leg part, we would not suggest to chose 30 inch zipper for "Tumbler-Type" .
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Other notes for order
Any special request or you would like to order more than one, please fill in here.
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The using of old size information *
If you have ordered a GPZ before, and you would like to use the old size information, thank you don't have to fill in again. ※Notice:The size for GPZ doesn't fit for GPL.
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