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I want to apply as a volunteer with VAST and/or SOS.
Please also send an up-to-date resume to
Given name(s)
Date of birth
Do you have a recent (less than 12 months old) criminal check? If you do not have one, we will send you details on getting one - it is free.
Languages spoken
Please only include the languages that you can hold an actual conversation in. If you are an interpreter or have interpreter-level knowledge please indicate this in your CV.
Address - Street and Apartment number
Address - City
Address - postal code
E-mail address
Phone number
The number where you are most likely to be available at.
What is your regular and weekly availability for the next three months?
VAST and SOS are small organizations and while we welcome all volunteers, we strongly prefer for you to commit to us for at least 2-3 months. We invest a lot of time in teaching you the job, which takes time away from seeing clients and so we expect volunteers to share the respect we have for our clients in that way.
Emergency contact - name
Emergency contact - phone number
Do you require any special accommodation to volunteer?
I have sent an up to date CV that indicates my languages, recent work experience and any other skills that I have.
Is there anything else that you wish to tell us?
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