Art Club - Assistants Application
The AC Assistants Program was created to give members of the Art Club community uncertain of the time commitment or roles the opportunity to help out the staff team in a less intensive manner. As an Assistant, you will work directly with the Guardian team to monitor, catch, and report infractions and server threats to help keep the server a safe and welcome place for all.

We encourage both those interested purely in the Assistant position and those interested in eventually joining the staff team to apply to the Assistants Program first to help them learn more about the AC staffing experience. **Specifically, members interested in becoming Guardians must go through the Assistants program first.**
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Position Description
Before considering a position on the team you must be an active member within the Art Club community. To be a server staff you must have basic knowledge of server functionality. Upon submitting your application you will be watched for activity, helpfulness and engagement with community members. You must meet the requirements below before being considered.

- Assist members with basic questions or concerns.
- Monitor the Business Street, Art District, or Social Avenue channels depending on interest.
- Report infractions from all around the server.
- Notify Guardians about major moderation concerns.

- Have been in the server for at least a month.
- Have no infractions.
- Be comfortable working in a team.

Make sure this overall application is under 1500 characters.

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Inactive is the equivalent of visiting the server or sending messages once a week or less. Active is the equivalent of spending time and messaging in the server 5 days a week or more.
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Please indicate what staff positions (if any) you may be interested in applying to in the future (please check all that apply). *
Next Steps
Thank you for your interest in the Assistants Program! If you have made it in to the program, you will be contacted by a staff member with onboarding information.

**Please do not submit multiple applications.**
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