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*Lovie Buddies are available to children 4-years and up who are currently in treatment for cancer. Be advised that our Lovie Buddies are personalized for each child, therefore they are not mass produced resulting in a wait time of approximately 4-6 weeks. All information provided below is deemed strictly confidential yet necessary in securing your "Lovie Buddy."

BEFORE requesting a Lovie, please also consider that the purpose behind these dolls is to ease a child's anxiety when it comes to their treatment or them having to be accessed. Because these dolls are NOT mass produced, they do take time and resources to put them together between purchasing the dolls and supplies (specifically securing the actual ports). If your child doesn't seem to be struggling with medical anxiety, or if they are not in regular treatment, please reconsider applying as we do not have an endless supply.

If you'd like us to include a personalized "Dr. Badge" for your child, once you've submitted this form, please send a current photo of your child to and be sure to put their name in the subject line.

Finally, we're able to provide Lovie Buddies to kiddos because of our selfless donors. One way of securing donations is by showing people via our social media pages (and our website) the kids that we're helping! Seeing a child play with our Lovie Buddies encourages people to donate which will allow us to help even more children going forward! If you'd like to help with this initiative, please feel free to e-mail us at with photos of your child opening/playing with their Lovie along with a direct quote (from you as the parent) that we can include in our post. In addition to this, please tag Infinite Love for Kids Fighting Cancer in any of your social media posts regarding your child and their Lovie Buddie. In doing this you are allowing Infinite Love to share/utilize the photos that you post as well. THERE IS NO obligation to send us photos OR to post photos to social media as your child will receive his/her Lovie Buddie either way, again it just helps us to help more kids just like your child!

For additional information visit our website at

We hope that this Lovie Buddie will bring a little joy to your incredible fighter!! THANK YOU!

*Lovie Buddies are intended for interactive play only, the medical supplies included in this kit are not toys and should NOT be used on your child (or any child) for medical (or other reasons). Additionally, this kit is meant for children 4 years and up as there are small parts that a child could choke on, so please keep this kit away from children under the age of 4.

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