N8RMA's 2019 State of the Hobby
This is the third annual State of the Hobby survey, and I'm as excited as ever to once again embark on this journey. In 2017 I had a 688 responses. In 2018 I moved the question base closer to standard survey semantics and started a blog as the launching point. That year also saw 2919 responses, which was fantastic! This year I'm looking to get an even larger sample size and hopefully get more responses outside of the US. This presents a unique challenge as applicable topics and concerns will vary when you include OUS. I don't want the survey to be overly generic yet I want to make sure it has a nice global response. It's a dance.

As always I learn from the survey each year and this is no exception - I've taken into account many suggestions and responses and I'm hoping to make the survey better each year. Some notable changes this year; demographics are scaled back. These are good to ask from a survey perspective, however it did not yield much in terms of correlated data and was met with some skepticism. As a results, I've cut many of those out.

Thank you again for your time and participation! I highly recommend subscribing to my blog (http://www.radiosoth.org/) so posts on future annual surveys and results. I also would ask you pass this on to your fellow hams, clubs, websites and blogs. The more this gets spread around the community, the better the sample will be. I also ask that you use the results - present them at your club meeting, use it as a talking point on Reddit or a blog response - these are our responses and opinions, and if we don't use them to address issues it's not worth doing.

Previous Results: http://www.radiosoth.org/search/label/Results

*** Privacy Notice ***

I am not affiliated with a company or organization, I am merely an individual conducting a survey for myself and others to learn more about the state of the hobby. Just a guy in Michigan. Any demographic questions are optional and are fairly standard for surveys. No data will be sold or given to anyone - it's to be used by me personally for the survey results only. Any requests for the source data will be denied and no PII will be included in the responses.

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