Pomona Student Union General Board Application
The Pomona Student Union is a non-partisan student organization committed to promoting honest and open dialogue on campus. We strive to challenge assumptions and engage 5C students on important issues through speaker events, debates, and student discussions. The PSU especially aims to bring underrepresented perspectives missing from campus dialogue. If you believe in working to increase novel, productive conversations on campus, we would love for you to apply!
We are interested in hearing about you and your experiences.

Please keep your response under 300 words for each question.

Applications EXTENDED. Now due before Friday April 3rd 11:59pm

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1. Reflect on your experiences with dialogue on campus (in the classroom, with friends, etc.) and in other communities. In what ways do you think the PSU can improve campus dialogue, in and out of the classroom?
2. What is one perspective that is missing in the communities you are/have been involved in? What do you think were the consequences of this missing perspective on the community?
3. Write a brief outline of an event that you might plan as a PSU Board Member for the coming academic year, including potential speakers or the general perspectives you would ensure were addressed. You should also briefly explain why this topic should be addressed on campus in the coming year and how it fits within the PSU mission statement.
4. The PSU is a significant time commitment that has the potential to define a large part of your Pomona College experience. This time commitment includes weekly meetings as well as additional work in order to make events happen. Keeping that in mind, please list any other activities or involvements you anticipate next year and explain what you imagine your involvement with PSU looking like.
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