Collectively Blue Safer Spaces Online Reporting Form
This is an anonymous reporting form that individuals can use to report violations of the Collectively Blue code of conduct. All questions are optional, but we encourage you to share as much as you feel comfortable such that we can address the situation and follow up as requested.
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Are you a person of color that would specifically like to communicate with the North Star Blues BIPOC advocate regarding what you are reporting here? *currently a position for North Star Blues only, we are working on better long term solutions for support for dancers of color at all of our events*
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When did the violation occur?
Where did the violation occur (online outside of Collectively Blue spaces like social media, at a Collectively Blue event in person, at a virtual Collectively Blue event, some other place)?
Are you reporting something you experienced personally, something that you saw happen to someone else, or something you heard about someone else experiencing?
If possible, please provide identifying information on the individual who committed a policy violation. If you know their name, that is helpful, but if not, other descriptive information is helpful as well.
In your own words, please describe what happened
Did you respond or set boundaries at any point around the incident (ex. before, during, or after)? If so, specifics are helpful, but we do not expect people to have done this step! Please note that this question is not here to make you defend yourself or place you at fault, we ask to gain an understanding of the situation. For example, while misgendering is always a policy violation, we would consider "repeated misgendering after a person has been corrected" a more serious issue than a single instance of misgendering, so any context you are willing to share about boundaries you set or responses you made would be helpful.
How can the Collectively Blue Safer Spaces team help you feel supported after this incident? This might include a conversation with you; talking to others involved; keeping an eye on the people involved; giving you extra support etc.
Do you want us to follow up with the individual who committed a policy violation?
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Here is a spot you can provide contact information (name, email, phone to text or call) if you would like us to follow up with you. If you have a preferred way for us to contact you, please mention that here
Please use this space to add anything else you would like to include in this report
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