Petition to reject ICLEI

We, the undersigned are unified in our insistence that the association between Harford County and the organization know as ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) or Local Governments for Sustainability must come to an immediate end.

We base this decision on the following facts.

• ICLEI is a NGO (nongovernmental organization) committed to the implementation of a UN document known as Agenda 21.
• Agenda 21 is an action plan for global environmentalism that was drafted and signed by 179 nations at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Juneirpo.
• The underlying principles of Agenda 21 are incompatible with our national sovereignty, property rights, free market and personal liberties.
• Developing countries will achieve economic and environmental justice through the wealth transfer of developed nations. 
• ICLEI is the agency that embeds these “global to local” initiatives in towns and counties.
• ICLEI adheres to the “Precautionary Principle” which claims no scientific proof for environmental harm is required before taking action.

 Under the guise of offering assistance through toolkits, grant opportunities, and software to assess environmental deficiencies, ICLEI has cloaked much of its true agenda.  We are encouraged that recent developments have brought this agency’s destructive nature to light.

• The RNC, at its 2012 winter conference, denounced Agenda 21 and ICLEI using terms such as covert, insidious, dangerous, and socialist to describe their tactics.
• Carroll County, Maryland, Montgomery County, Pa., Albemarle County. Va., Edmond OK., the state of Maine and numerous other counties and municipalities across the country have withdrawn membership.
• The State of Tennessee has drafted a repudiating resolution.
• The State of New Hampshire has drafted legislation to investigate ICLEI and Agenda 21 for the purpose of thwarting their initiatives. 

 We affirm our concern for the environment and support common sense and scientifically sound approaches to environmental protection.  We are certain that Harford County leadership will be able to forge a program of environmental stewardship without sacrificing our American heritage.

We say to County Executive Craig, the Harford County Council and all elected and appointed officials that represent the people of Harford County 

           “Get Harford County Out Of ICLEI!”

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