Partner Agency Application
Please complete the following application in full.

Note that Hays County Food Bank's capacity for accepting Partner Agencies is limited and submission of an application does not mean acceptance into the Partner Agency Program. Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed along with other pending applications by Hays County Food Bank staff.

Within two weeks, a staff member will get back to you to let you know whether: 1) your application has been accepted, 2) your application has been rejected, or 3) you have been placed on a waiting list for future services, as they become available.
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Name of Agency
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact E-Mail
What is the mission of your agency?
Are you either a public school or have 501(c)(3) status?
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Do you have a staff member or representative who is able to regularly pick up food items from Hays County Food Bank (220 Herndon St. San Marcos, TX 78666) and do you have the resources to use proper food handling and holding techniques (ex: coolers, gloves) once food is retrieved?
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Are you willing to sign a formal Letter of Agreement outlining the expectations of both your agency and Hays County Food Bank?
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How often are you interested in picking up food orders from Hays County Food Bank?
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Approximately how many households do you plan to serve with each of your food orders (total per order, NOT total per month)?
What days/times are you available to pick up food orders from Hays County Food Bank (select all that apply)?
What sort of items are you interested in receiving from Hays County Food Bank (check all that apply)?
How would you distribute the food that you received from each of your Hays County Food Bank orders?
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If added as a Partner Agency, you would be required to collect (at minimum) the following information for monthly reporting: 1) client name (to determine whether the client is a repeat client or not), 2) number of individuals in the household. How would you collect and store this confidential client information?
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What is your facility's food storage situation (choose all that apply)?
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