Intern With Krychiw, Heath and Castaneda For LD20
Our Internship Program is ideal for students (high school and college) or other individuals who want to gain meaningful experience with a progressive grassroots campaign. If you're interested in progressive politics, this is the perfect opportunity for you. For more info, check out:

Here are the details for our internship program:

- All internships will be completed remotely. Interns will need to have access to WiFi and electronics devices such as a cellphone and laptop. Other devices such as tablets and desktop computers can be used as well.

- This is an unpaid position. Interns will need to complete 12-18 hours per week. Hours are flexible.

- There will be opportunities to take on leadership roles in various aspects of the campaign such as field operations, community outreach, communications, policy, and fundraising.

- No experience is needed. There will be ample training and support for any task that may be assigned.

- Letters of Recommendation can be provided for strong performance.

- Our Internship Coordinator can work with your school to provide academic college credit, depending on their requirements.

NOTE: We will reach out to schedule a brief interview (15-20 minutes) within 1-2 weeks after we receive your application.
Please see below for the Intern Position Description
Access this document to view position descriptions and get an idea of some of the projects you'll be working on:
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