Workshop on Geostatistical Methods for Disease Mapping, 3-5 June 2019, Lancaster University
A workshop on geostatistical methods for population health scientists will be delivered online by the Tropical Disease Epidemiology group at the Centre for Health Informatics Computing and Statistics on 20-22 April 2021. The convenors of the workshop will be: Dr Benjamin Amoah, Dr Claudio Fronterre, Dr Olatunji Johnson, Dr Emanuele Giorgi and Prof Peter Diggle.

With a mix of lectures and lab sessions, the first two days of the workshop will introduce the underpinning concepts of model-based geostatistics and how to use geostatistical models to address public health problems. The lab sessions will be based on the PrevMap package available in the R software environment. Each participant will be provided with lecture slides, data-sets and R code beforehand.

On the third day of the workshop, participants will be given the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their own projects that address public health questions requiring the use of spatial statistical methods.

In order to allow an effective interaction between convenors and participants, a maximum of 25 participants will be allowed to register, with places assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The deadline for registration is 1st April 2021.
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