HPD Open Call for Ideas
The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC), through our member-led governance process, has stewarded development of the HPD Open Standard from HPD v1 in 2012 to the current HPD v2.2, released in May 2019. As HPDC develops HPD version 3, we are excited to invite your input with an Open Call for Ideas!

As written in the HPD Open Standard, the HPD “provides a framework for product manufacturers and their ingredient suppliers to report and disclose information about product contents and associated health information.”

Keep in mind the possibility that the HPD could and will do more than it does now! Dream big!

Ideas could include feedback on:
• The HPD format—including what different audiences of the format need and want to see
• HPD data flows—where it comes from, and where it goes
• HPD reporting options such as inventory thresholds and data fields
• How hazards are reported, including any issues with specific chemicals or materials
• Practical issues on reporting data from the supply chain
• Consistency, rigor, and verifiability of HPD data
• Health-related information not currently reported on the HPD, such as embodied carbon
• The HPD Builder and the HPD Public Repository
• Other standards, certifications and information tools where you would like to see the HPD Open Standard be more connected

Thank you.

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We really appreciate it. - Tristan Roberts, Technical Director, and all the HPDC staff, Technical Committee, and Board of Directors
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