Burnout Audit - Assessment Questionnaire
Hi and welcome.  If you’ve been struggling to catch your breath because you’re drowning under the pressure of what you have to do, or you’re trying to pinpoint why you’re drowning in the first place, then you're in the right place.  Something tells me that you've achieved what most people would term success, yet you feel like you're crushing under the weight of it all. You are also READY and eager to stop sacrificing your health, family, and wellbeing to maintain your success but not sure how. 

The burnout assessment audit is free. In this session, we will:

-        Find out what the real problem is (even if you’re afraid to admit it)

-        Realize what needs to change so that you can feel more peaceful and in control of your life

-        Create a roadmap to help you achieve what you want with ease

Complete the following questions to help me better understand your current situation, and prepare for how best to support you during our call together. Upon reviewing your questionnaire, I'll be in touch with instructions on a schedule and next steps for our call. 

During the call, I will ask questions about your current life situation to help me understand where you might be needing help. You will walk away feeling more confident about steps to prevent burnout, or recover and take better control of your life.  
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This call is free. You only investment is 60 minutes of your time, attention, and openness to other ways of thinking about success and your life. How committed are you to showing up and engaging during the call?
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