Energy Smart Challenge September Survey!
Fill out the survey even if you weren't able to complete each week's Energy Action! Simply by responding to the survey, you will be entered in a random prize drawing! In addition, the household that earns the most points (by completing the most Energy Actions and responding to all the survey questions) will win a special prize! There's a total of 8 points possible this week.

As always, complete this survey to the best of your ability - we're on the honor system here!

**Complete the survey by Monday, October 9th to be eligible for this month's prize drawing.**

Choose the answer that best fits each of this month's Energy Actions. *
(Need a refresher? Head here to review September's weekly emails:
I completed this activity.
I plan to complete this activity in the future.
I did not complete this activity and I don't plan to do so in the future.
I had already done this before the challenge
This activity doesn't apply to my situation.
Vanquish Energy Vampires (power strips, standby energy)
Fine Tune Energy Settings (computers/electronics energy saving settings)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle electronic devices
I am a: *
Tell us a little about your energy use. (If you don't have access to your energy account, just skip these questions.)
How much electricity (in kilowatt hours, or kWh) did your household use during the most recent billing cycle? Fill in the number only; for example, 102.
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How much natural gas (in therms) did your household use during your most recent billing cycle? Fill in the number only.
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What was the end date of your most recent energy billing cycle?
Number of days in billing cycle:
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If you could change anything about the Energy Challenge, what would it be? Be honest, we really want to know!
Some things you might consider: the frequency of emails; email content; incentives for participation; anything else!
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Have you used the Energy Smart web page to review previous energy actions?
Tell us one thing you learned from the Energy Challenge this month.
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Please enter your contact information so we can track participation and contact prize winners! *
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