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Thank you for helping to activate marchers! If you've got a group or organization coming to march let us know by filling out this form.

We look forward to seeing you on January 21, 2017.
March details can be found at our website
and on our Facebook event page:
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If your group name uses acronyms please also spell out the name. If you are registering an informal group or just a meet-up spot please give it an informational name.
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This name should be the person associated with the email address in question 1. This info will be kept confidential.
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This number should be for the person associated with the email address in question 1. This info will be kept confidential.
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If yes we will list your group name on our website and it may appear in our PR materials.
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Can we publicize your meet-up location for Jan 21 so others can head to the march with you? *
If yes we will list your meet-up spot on our website and encourage others to join you.
Group Meet-up address on Jan 21
Let us know where you are meeting (full address w/ zip), we'll encourage others to join you to head to the march together. We also suggest that you register your meetup spot on, post on NextDoor, Everyblock and in other public places.
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Group Meet-up Time on Jan 21
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Will your group be arriving via private bus/coach? *
If yes, look for info from us on drop-off and parking instructions to be passed to your driver.
Would you like to receive info on participating in a future local volunteer fair? *
If yes we will send you info as the volunteer fair gets organized and dates are set. We envision a fair with many local organizations seeking new volunteers. We hope to help residents of Chicago and beyond ACTIVATE locally after the march date.
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