Brainfeed Top 100 Preschools of India
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Name Of The Pre-School
Ph. No:
Name of the Director:
Name of the Centre Head:
Year of Establishment:
Is it a Franchise:
If Yes Provide details:
If Yes Provide details:
I. Programmes offered: Timings
Play School:
Day Care:
Any Other Programme:
Methodology which you follow: (ex: Montessori, Waldorf)
II. Age Group Preschool caters to:
III. School Background: What is the educational philosophy of the preschool?
IV. Infrastructure
No. of Activity Rooms:
Play Area: sq yds.
No. of Class Rooms:
No. of Audio Visual Rooms:
Is the playing equipment in your pre-school child-friendly, what are the precautions you take when tiny children are using them?
Splash Pool:
Sand Pit:
Play Pen:
Mention the additional facilities:
V. Strength of the Classes:
Play School:
Day Care:
VI. Teaching Staff:
No. of Teachers: ............. No. of Asst. Teachers: ........... No. of Activity Teachers: ........... Teacher-student ratio per class:
What sort of teaching aids do your utilise for your school children?
What kind of a technological support is provided to the teachers and also to the little ones learning in your pre-school?
Do you encourage field trips for the child’s growth? If yes, where did the recent trip happen?
What kind of a process do you employ to keep your teachers motivated so as to bring out the leadership qualities in your wards?
How do you ensure a stress free learning for the small children in your pre-school?
VII. Non-teaching staff:
No. of Care Takers:............................................ Security:
Is there any kind of practices in place for your non-teaching staff on how to interact or behave with the children and their parents? If yes, how do you do it?
VIII. Transportation: No. of Buses: ............... Drivers: ............ No. of Bus Assistants:............
IX. Customised programs: What sort of special customised programs do you have for your pre-school children?
X. Phonetics and language: Do you educate your children on the importance of phonetics and guide them to learn different languages?
XI. Physical education:
Do you have any physical education sessions for your children?
Will they be trained to handle little children of a pre-school?
XII. Focus on expressions, dramatics, and role play:
Do you have any extra-curricular activities like dramatics or role play?
XIII. Hygiene:
Hygiene is a very important element of life that should be taught to these little children how do you do that?
XIV. Monitoring:
How do you monitor your child’s learning capacities?
XV. Quick response to the complaints/suggestions:
Do you have an exclusive team of personnel to respond to complaints and suggestions?
If yes, what is the process?
XVI. Personal care:
What kind of a personal care approach does your pre-school follow?
Are there any active play opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills?
XVII. Meals and snacks:
Do you have a nutritionist to look after the dietary needs of the tiny tots?
Do you teach any pre and post meal routine to your students?
Will your child be taught to use appropriate table manners?
XVIII. Wash room habits:
How do you train them on wash room habits?
XIX. Safety:
Can you specify the safety measures that are in place in your pre-school?
How safe are your transport system?
Are your transport personnel trained? If yes what kind of training are they given?
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Date: Signature of the competent authority
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