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"The Competitive Authoritarian Protest Research Network (CAPRN) seeks to collectively investigate the above questions by bringing together leading scholars in the field in of both contentious politics (Graeme Robertson, Grzegorz Ekiert, Bryn Rosenfeld, Mark Beissinger, Neil Ketchly, Tomila Lankina) and comparative politics (Joshua Tucker, Grigore Pop-Eleches, Timothy Colton, Steven Levitsky, Nancy Bermeo, Henry Hale) who are mainly based in in four institutions which have developed international acclaim for their study of protest in competitive authoritarian contexts: New York University (specifically on the use of big data/social media in mass protest, but also protest in Eastern Europe and the MENA region), Princeton University (specifically on new statistical and survey methods for the study of protest as well as comparative revolution in Eastern, MENA and Latin America), Harvard University (specifically on Latin American and Post-Communist Protest and protest event analysis) and University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (more broadly on comparative protest politics)."
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