Omaha NeighborFest Committee Interest Form
"Omaha NeighborFest: Activating People, Places and Spaces", is an all day event, partnering with Omaha neighborhood leaders on Sunday September 16th, 2018.

We invite dedicated residents interested in joining and participating in one of our 5 committees:

Logistics Committee
Members: Mike McGuire

This committee will organize food for the event (including food trucks, local vendors, pop ups, etc.), waste management and recycling services, and transportation options for the day of event (bike rentals, shuttle services, Metro bus pass, etc.). The group will also oversee first aid and security.

Outreach Committee
Members: Dawaune Hayes, Ed Quinn, Michael Van Sant

The outreach committee will be responsible for festival design and marketing the event with flyers, posters, social media, local news outlets, and word of mouth. This group will also contact and invite the public/private partnerships.

Program Committee
Members: Janet Bonet, Manne Cook

The program committee will plan the entertainment, project demonstrations, and pop-ups for the day of the event to showcase possible projects or activities in a street, park, or open space. They will also weave in educational aspects to these activities such as neighborhood history, tours, voting, art projects, placemaking.

Finance Committee
Members: Ed Quinn, Julie Smith

The finance committee will mainly seek fundraising and sponsorship opportunities from local businesses, grants, and foundations. They will also manage the budget for the festival.

Volunteer Committee
Members: Annabelle Abisset

This committee will recruit and organize volunteers for various duties before and the day of the event. This will include setup, marathon cheerers and water stations' volunteers, managing raffles or giveaways for the event, and other opportunities.

Let us know how you want to be involved below!

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