Lucky Mutts Rescue Adoption Application
*Incomplete applications WILL NOT be processed*
We primarily adopt to residents in Wisconsin and Illinois. We will consider other states on a case by case basis. If you are are outside Wisconsin or Illinois, and interested in learning more please email us PRIOR to filling out the application. Unless approved by us in advance, any applications not from Wisconsin or Illinois will be automatically cancelled. You must be at least 24 years old to apply.

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Due to the overwhelming number of applications we are receiving it is taking a MINIMUM of two weeks for us to process applications at this time. WE DO NOT SEND OUT CONFIRMATION EMAILS! Do not apply more than one time (unless your application was cancelled), if you are unsure if your application went through please contact us before filling out another one. Please do not apply if you are not serious about adopting, or are possibly pursuing adopting through another rescue. Due to the number of applications we are receiving most of our dogs are being adopted shortly after being posted, so please understand there is a very high chance of the dog being adopted before we are able to look at your application. If you check "no" that you are not interested in any other dog, and the dog is adopted your application will be cancelled. Finally, any missing or inaccurate information will result in your application being cancelled.
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Renting information
If you rent your home, please make sure this section is filled out completely and truthfully. Applications with missing information will not be processed. You will have to apply again.
What is the name, contact information, and address of your Landlord or leasing company?
What is the best way to contact your landlord?
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Has your landlord been notified that you are looking to adopt?
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Are all of the papers and fees associated with bringing a new dog on to the property signed and in place?
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Home life
Are all members of the family in agreement with adopting a new dog? *
Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs? *
Please name all of the people living in the house- include names and birthdates. *
Are there any young children or toddlers in your life that we need to be conscious of when placing a dog in your home? *
If answered yes to the question above have you ever watched "Stop the 77"?
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Why did you decide to adopt a dog? *
Do you prefer a male or female dog? *
What age dog are you looking for? *
If you had to describe the ideal dog that would be a good fit for you and your family what would that be? *
Are there any breeds you are particularly drawn to? *
Are there any breeds you would not like to own or are not covered by your home owners insurance or lease? *
Would you prefer a long or short haired dog? *
Have you ever owned the breed you are applying for? If so, when? *
What other animals would the dog need to get along with besides your household pets (ie. neighbors dog, cat that son brings by, etc)? *
Do you understand that rescue dogs may have unknown medical or behavioral problems that may surface after adoption? *
What behaviors or training challenges are you unwilling to work with or would cause you to return your dog? *
Are you willing to let the new dog settle in to your house and work through any problems that may arise? *
Are you planning on taking your new pup to training classes? *
Would you get help from a professional trainer if behavioral issues arise? *
Do you understand that owning a dog is expensive? *
Do you have a financial plan in place if unexpected medical emergencies arise with your new pup? *
Have you thought about what would happen to your dog if a major life event occurred? (Job loss, illness, divorce, death in the family, etc.) *
What would happen to your new dog if you need to move from your current home? *
Have you ever returned or re-homed a pet to another person or shelter? If so, please explain. *
Pet information
Please list all living dogs and cats with their ages, names, sexes, and breed. Also list any dogs that have passed within the last 5 yrs-include name and breed, sex, and when he/she passed
Were all of your dogs and/or cats spayed or neutered? If no, please explain
Are your dogs (past/present) up to date on all core vaccines? If not, please explain
Are your dogs (past/present) up to date on heartworm preventative year round? If no, please explain
Please list your current vet information-including the name, address, and phone number of the clinic that your cats and/or dogs living/deceased went to
Is this the clinic that your dog goes to for vaccines and general care?
Clear selection
What name is the account listed under at this vet?
In order for your application to be processed you MUST contact your veterinarian and release your records to us. Have you called them already?
Clear selection
Please list any other vets that would have pertinent information about the care of your pet.**Please note** if you take your dogs/cats to a low cost vaccination clinic such as the Humane Society, Vetco, etc. we will require a clear picture of the receipt showing that your dog/cat is current on all required vaccines and tests. You will be emailed to provide the verification photos.
Has your current dog(s) met anyone he/she didn't get along with? If so, what was the situation? (ie: we were at a dog park, dog attacked my dog etc)
If you have a resident cat, has he/she ever met or lived with a dog?
Does the cat have access to a safe space to get away from the dog if it was bothering him/her?
Where does your current pet stay while you are gone?
Clear selection
If pet is outside or in a garage/outbuilding please explain
Family life
Is your yard fenced in? If so, what height? *
How many hours will the dog be alone on an average weekday? *
Who will care for the dog if you are away? *
Where will the dog be kept at night? *
How did you find out about us? *
Have you applied anywhere else? If so, what is the status? *
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