Please answer the following questions, in complete sentences, to the best of your ability. Note that providing more information usually results in a better understanding of your answers. You may use as much space as you wish and if needed, attach a separate piece of paper.
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1. Where and why did you learn English? *
2. In your experience, could you give an example of how your ability to use the English language was an advantage in a certain situation? *
3. Provide a description of a challenge you had with the English language and how you overcame it? *
4. Have you ever taught English or other language classes or any other type of classes before? If so, could you tell us about a moment that impacted you and why? *
5. Have you ever worked with language evaluations and assessments? If so, could you elaborate on the details of your experience? *
6. What is your educational background? Do you have any degrees or certificates? *
7. Is there anything that you would like to add that would demonstrate to us that you are an outstanding candidate for test administration and/or working with English language learners? *
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