CLBC Volunteer Reference Form 2019
You are asked to reference an applicant who has expressed an interest in a Volunteer Position at Vacation Bible School by Calvary Logos Baptist Church this summer. He/she believes that you are someone who would be familiar with his/her qualifications for this position.

References include: teacher, employer, supervisor, coach, etc. *Immediate family members may not act as references.

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What is your relationship to this person (e.g. work, social, volunteer, etc.)? *
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Please provide strengths (min. 3) of the applicant with a brief example on ONE of the strengths *
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Do you have any concerns relating to this person being involved in this position? (If yes please explain) *
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Please rate the applicant in the following areas using this scale, where 5= excellent and 1=poor.
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I hereby confirm all the answers above to be a true and accurate depiction of (name of applicant for VBS) and understand that if necessary, I may be subject to confirmation upon further review.
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