2019 Davao Writers Workshop Application Form
Application Instructions for the 2019 Davao Writers Workshop
The 2019 Davao Writers Workshop is organized by the Davao Writers Guild, Inc., in cooperation with the University of the Philippines Mindanao.

Applicants are to:
1) Fill out this application form.
2) Secure a signed certification form.
3) Secure the electronic copy (.doc, .docx, or .rtf file) of the manuscript. Kindly include all entries in one document, and name your document as “[LASTNAME]_[GENRE]_Manuscript_2019DWW”.
4) Send your manuscript and signed certification form to
davaowritersworkshop@gmail.com with the subject “DWW2019 Submission”.

1) Kindly use only one email address in the application process.
2) Applications are allowed multiple submission in different genres only.
3) Applicants with multiple submissions should fill in the Application Form for each of the genre separately.

Kindly find the Certification Form here: http://bit.ly/2019DWW-Certification

For complete instructions, please refer to: http://bit.ly/CallFor2019DWW
For more information, please email davaowritersworkshop@gmail.com.
For more announcements, please visit http://dagmay.com.

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