HSI-GP & HSE Dallas Shuttle Bus Form 2019-20
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please complete this form to help us streamline the dismissal process for students who plan to ride the shuttle bus between Harmony School of Innovation Grand Prairie and Harmony School of Excellence Dallas.

We need to compile an accurate shared list of all students PK-12 who will be riding the shuttle this year. Below you will see the shuttle schedule between campuses. Any changes in dismissal will need to be reported to the Homeroom teacher or the front office of your student's home school before 2:20PM. Any changes made after 2:20PM may result in the student/teacher not being notified in time for the change. We appreciate your support in improving our dismissal plans.

Students arriving from HSE Dallas to HSI Grand Prairie will now meet in the Bus Holding Area (in orange), where parents can park and wait instead of going through the Parent Pick-Up Line. Please see the attached HSI-GP Dismissal Map.

Please use the form below to let us know how we can meet your shuttle bus needs!
HSI-GP Dismissal Map
HSI Grand Prairie & HSE Dallas Shuttle Bus Schedule
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