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Please fill out the following information to be placed in a Section team and/or be considered for a Section Editor position. You will also be asked to join our Slack workspace. You may choose either 1 or 2 sections, but be cognizant of your availability. You may later ask to switch Sections or drop a section, so keep in mind this is just where you are starting at first. Please carefully read all role descriptions and make sure you are ready to take on responsibility. You will be asked to keep in steady contact and update your writing status consistently. Please make sure you are able to keep up a Blog environment of close communication. Contact Alex at or Sanda at with questions or concerns.
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Connecting Google Drive and Slack
We highly suggest you add Google Drive as an app for your Slack. (Look for the section called "Apps" on the side). This will let us mesh GD and Slack efficiently and make editing faster and easier. Not required, just helpful for sharing docs!
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IMPORTANT: please don't forget to turn on push notifications for Slack on your phone/laptop/both! If you need help, check out this link: . Keep an eye out for Alex reaching out to get you situated and explain procedures. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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